I Am


Lynda Hope, Co-Founder of Value-U tm welcomes you to look and see, listen and hear, and BE engaged in Self Discovery.

Unwind, relax and nurture yourself as you meditate along with me. BE open to receiving positive healing energy and loving messages to grow your self love. You are valued and valuable to yourself and others. Know this to be true.  Valuing yourself enables you to value others.

Start listening today…you are worth it!

With infinite love and gratitude,

Lynda Hope


Lynda Hope


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The Value-U™ 21 Day Meditation Series



Listen To Day One

We’re so glad you’re joining us for this journey. The perfect way to to start your experience.

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Listen To Day Two

In Day One you learned to appreciate and value your breath. You will never take your breath for granted again. Here is a valuable breathing technique discussed in the 21 Day meditation series. 4-7-8 Breathing.

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Listen To Day Three

In Day Two you learned that you are always connected to your True Self which is ONE with Source, Universe, God (whatever you call this energy). You can remember this place within your Self, that place of love, joy and peace, whenever you get still and quiet.

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Listen To Day Four

After day three you are starting to realize that you are pure positive energy. That your soul is alive, magnificent and limitless. God has implanted within you a pure soul.

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Listen To Day Five

Now you are learning how to just “be” is a gift to your Self. Unplugging from your cellphone, computer and life in general, will help you rejuvenate, de-stress and connect to your inner guidance system.

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Listen To Day Six

When you look from the place of your True Self, you have ALL of the answers. You are the Joy in this natural state. You are the Unconditional Love. You are the light of Pure Consciousness. You Co-Create your reality with Source. Enjoy and be blessed!

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Listen To Day Seven

Internationally renowned Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto discovered that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words and feeling. You learned that your body is made up of mostly water. Your mind and body are greatly influenced and affected by your negative and positive thoughts. You need to be very aware of your inner dialogue.

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Listen To Day Eight

You will learn in this meditation, that once you release your emotions and allow them to be heard in a healthy way, you can begin to heal, feel rejuvenated and align with your True Self. 

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Listen To Day Nine

Today you will experience  how to harmonize your heart and mind which elevates your vibration. Decisions and solutions flow more easily due to increased access to your heart’s intuitive wisdom. Your discernment becomes more inclusive and your choices become clearer and more effective.

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Listen To Day Ten

Remembering to be grateful every day is a mindful practice.

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Listen To Day Eleven

In Day Ten you learned about Dr. Enright, the founder of the Forgiveness Institute, who found that those who forgive are happier and healthier. You heard about the Hawaiian practice Ho’oponopono a forgiveness prayer and the four simple steps to this method.

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Listen To Day Twelve

You learned that your beliefs hold power over you if you are not awake. If you believe life and people are against you, then you will live in fear and victimhood.

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Listen To Day Thirteen

You are now becoming more comfortable with meditating. You are learning that in this meditative silence you connect to your True Self which is Source energy. It is the still small voice within that guides your steps.

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Listen To Day Fourteen

In day thirteen, you heard ways to understand and appreciate yourself. You are discovering ways to strengthen your connection to your true self by becoming your greatest validator. You can set an intention to wake up every morning and feel more joyful. Once you fill yourself up with this positive emotion your uplifting energy will be felt by everyone around you.

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Listen To Day Fifteen

You are learning that you have a choice to sleep-walk through life or be fully Present in the moment. You can choose to eat mindfully, savoring every delicious bit, or not. You are now shifting your focus from being a Human having a spiritual experience to a Spiritual Being having a human experience.

You are now becoming the witness or observer of your life which enables you to detach from the chaos, confusion and scattered emotions and thoughts which hold no power over your Self.

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Listen To Day Sixteen

In day fifteen you heard that you were created by a creator so you are naturally creative.  Awakening your inner child can help free your imagination. You now remember that you are not a victim but the creator of your reality. If you imagine it, you can manifest it.

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Listen To Day Seventeen

Listen To Day Eighteen

Today you are learning how important it is to listen with an open heart because you gift others with your love, compassion and understanding. You are living more mindfully and seeing how your positive thoughts, intentions, and deeds impact the lives of another. You see how powerful your positive and negative words can be.

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Listen To Day Nineteen

You are feeling a higher sense of aliveness and inspiration. You are deepening your understanding that you are eternally young and timeless. You are growing in wisdom, purpose, love and abundance. 

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Listen To Day Twenty

You have now experienced nearly twenty days of meditation, maybe for the first time. You learned in this meditation that meditation helps you settle the monkey brain, the constant white noise in your head. 

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Listen To Day Twenty One

In this meditation, you will hear that your body rebuilds itself in less than 365 days. You are a miracle. You see how valuable and precious you are from a place of Self Awareness. You realize that every time you value your Self, you heal old wounds. 

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Listen To The Bonus Track

Rejoice. Be valued. Listen to your final meditation in this series. Know we are always here for you. 

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How It Works


Start By Listening To The 21 Day Meditation Series

 Our work is built around vibrational sound and the power it holds for finding center, healing, reducing stress and helping you focus more on what you can do instead of what you may be doing today.

Evaluate Your Experience


 Take the time to evaluate your experience with the meditations and in your daily life by keeping in touch with your journey through writing or recording your experience, results, growth and overall improvement in your daily life.


Discover Your Value


Use these tools and resources to help you with your self discover of your value in everything that you do, how you look at things, plan, react, interact and your thought processes.  Expand your experience with a one-on-one consultation with Lynda Hope for maximum results.


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