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Getting Started With The Trial 

Getting started is easy, but you'll need to make some time for you

Yes, it’s hard to think about taking specific time for yourself out of your very busy day, but, we know that if you will give yourself that gift along with this opportunity, you just may never look back. You will also need to begin with a simple base line personal assessment so we collectively understand the starting point for you during this adventure. You will be able to see your progress at the end of the trial, and then once you have become a subscriber be able to continue forward from there thru the balance of the series and receive a personalized chart and review from our team along with a beautiful certificate of completion.

Simple, daily time spent on line or any device will work.

The best experience we have found is to use either a desktop or laptop computer, ideally with comfortable headphones but we have designed the series to be used on virtually any device so that whether you are at work, home or play, you can use Value-U™.

HD Sound and Experience Will Touch Your Inner Soul

Our content is developed using more than forty years of recording studio experience working with various artists, commercials, film, training and broadcast making it some of the best sounding content in the world.

Be you, Be comfortable and Be Valued.

There are no right or wrong answers simply experience, correlation and opportunity to better understand your value and how, when, where and why you can apply it to your every day life. Just like going to the gym, club or walk, your comfort in just being a part of this series is an equal component in your success and growth.

Once you have completed the Value-U™ Base Line Personal Assessment you will be directed to the Day One Meditation

How It Works


It is important to maximize the power of twenty one days to take each day’s meditation by first preparing to spend 15-20 minutes of uninteruppted time ideally with a good set of headphones to enjoy the sound experience and then follow the remaining step to capture your moment. The plan on giving yourself 24 hours to absorb and prepare for the next day’s experience.


Experience The Meditation in True HD

Experience the world class sonic connectivity and let your heart, soul and mind simply absorb the focus, beauty and joy you will feel by doing so. Mentally note your thoughts and bring those to the final step of each daily meditation, the personal assessment.

Review & Reflect

Key to success is to chart your course beginning with the meditation, recording your thoughts, experience and rating them in that moment in time in order to best correlate the experience, environment, yourself and time. Doing this allows you to begin to what works best for you along with progress and valuation.

Once you have completed the Value-U™ Base Line Personal Assessment you will be directed to the Day One Meditation

Lynda Hope’s Approach

Listening, nurturing and making things possible thru openess, light and love are critical components in how Lynda approaches Value-U™ and all the content. It is designed for your intimate listening and learning experience so you can easily find the opportunity to give yourself time, permission and vision. Bringing her mulit-talented and disciplined approach from serving others thru spiritual experiences, conseling and empowering others with art, performance and words, Lynda Hope and Value-U™ bring indepth, clear, easy to understand and implement ways to begin a more valued daily life. This program also provides opportunity to connect with Lynda for one on one conversations as well as group settings thru advance scheduling requests. May you be blessed as are we.

Once you have completed the Value-U™ Base Line Personal Assessment you will be directed to the Day One Meditation

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