we are validators

a validator is

Validators empower themselves and others. They are the mirror to the soul. They value themselves and in turn can value others. They are the change, they want to see in the world. They are positively focused on goodness, love, compassion and personal fulfillment. They are the instrument and vessel of Source, Universe and Divine Love. They are the light unto the world that sees unlimited creative potential in themselves and others. They see themselves as the divine sees them, in a state of wonder and awesomeness. They are here to shift the polarity of this planet from negative to positive. They are “called” to be God’s angels on earth.


Value-u is on a mission to amplify and validate YOU. Why? We wish to shift the energy of this planet from negative to positive but it all begins with each of us. Low self esteem is at an all time high. We are here to remind, uplift, shine and enlighten all who seek a greater version of themselves.


our founders

Lynda Hope

Being born with this name has helped her connect to her soul which is always in a state of hope. In her life, Hope has recreated herself decade after decade. In her twenties, she was a nightclub performer in Chicago and a children’s book illustrator. Believing strongly in her creative spark, she connected easily to spirit and loved finding spiritual teachers to help grow her soul. (Click here to learn more)

Jefferey Cornett

In addition to being an serial entreprenuer, singer, songwriter, musician and actor, Jefferey is also a producer for film, music and comedy since the early 80s. Additionally he’s spent time as a PR Executive, Creative Director,  Senior Ideation Director and Agency officer with clients that have included P&G, PizzaHut, Wendy’s, Coke, WalMart (click here to learn more)


Our Vision

Value-U’s vision is to awaken individuals to their True Self and provide a highly conscious community in which to share, enrich and enjoy life in the ONENESS that we all are.

Our promise

We promise to validate, support, affirm, inspire, remind, guide, listen, and nourish your personal and spiritual awakening.

we’re just getting started

how about You?


Are you seeking within?


Are you seeking more energy and focus?


Are you desiring a positive healthy life?


Are you ready to awaken to joy, peace and love?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t valuing yourself, being self-centered?

Not at all! Just like the oxygen mask that falls in the airplane. You need to fill yourself up with it first before you can help others. We have been programmed to think that everyone should come first before ourselves. If you are depleted, depressed, suffering from low self esteem, you are unable to help yourself and you are certainly of no value to anyone else.

What role does meditation play in self validation?
When we witness the constant thoughts that pump through our active minds, we can see which ones are positive and which ones are negative. These thoughts were collected over time from when we were very young. They either feed our sense of self or deplete it. When we meditate, our mind becomes quieter and more awake to the chatter. We are more focused and intentional and live in the present moment. We become less reactionary, more calmer in the midst of life. We can breathe into challenges and move into solutions easier.
We can mindfully replace the negative thoughts with positive ones because we can. We understand that we can choose to love and validate ourselves moment by moment in the state of Awakened Presence.
What do you mean by Awakened Presence ?

Awakened Presence is your natural state of being. As Human BEINGS, we seem to believe that we are the person, the roles we play and the identity that changes from decade to decade. We believe and relive the stories of our life over and over again. When we realize the present moment is the the only moment that is real, we begin to awaken to the NOW experience. The past is history, the future is a mystery but the Present is the Present to ourselves

Why is it so important to validate others?

Value-U™ is created to remind, uplift, shine and enlighten all who seek a greater version of themselves. We are a reflection of each other so when you validate others, you not only light up their souls…you amplify and enrich your own.