This 21 Day Value-U meditation series will affirm, remind and connect you to your inner being which is always connected to the divine.

The title Value-U refers not only to you valuing you but you knowing that the big U, is the universe that U are ONE with.

This meditation series will provide valuable tools for you to become aligned, expansive, joyful, grateful, loving and in a state of amplified aliveness throughout your day. When you fill yourself up and renew and enrich your spirit, you are able to attract abundance, wellbeing and positive people into your life. 

In a world that is so negative and de-valuing, it is more important than every to focus into the positive and gather valuable tools to stay soul connected to God who is always connected to you by an energetic umbilical cord. When you are still enough, you can feel a steady stream of love, holiness and joy washing over and through your soul. You feel guided, safe and calm. 

Each meditation will begin with a Hebrew mantra.

Did You Know?

  • Science has proven that it takes 21 Days to change a habit

  • The Value-U™ 21 Day Meditation Series Helps You Do That Thru Focused Meditation 

  • Additional Value-U™ Content and Master Level Courses Available To Subscribers

  • Click here to listen to Day One

What Is A Sacred Language?

  • A sacred language communicates aspects of a spiritual or unitive reality. It is not meant to describe this higher reality, but rather to evoke this reality in ones consciousness.
  • Sacred language is the language of revelation, a means through which Divine Mind can communicate on a direct vibrational level with the human mind. 
  • The letters and syllables of a sacred language comprise a higher dimensional vibrational code, as each letter and syllable has its own inherent vibrational signature. 
  • The letters and syllables of a sacred language have creative and evocative power. 
  • The syllables of a true sacred language are like seeds of energy and information that contain the vibrational signature of the spiritual reality they represent. When chanted, the vibration becomes even greater and more expansive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the health benefits of meditation?
Besides the obvious benefits of relaxation and stress reduction, research as proven that meditation improves one’s immune system, increases telomerase activity, which helps promote the stability of chromosomes and prevent their deterioration, which often leads to cancer and premature aging.
Meditation significantly reduces markers of inflammation, where higher levels would normally correlate with a poor immune functioning and an increase in chances of disease. It increases the number of CD-4 cells, which are the immune system’s helper cells that send signals to other cells, telling them to destroy infections, therefore increasing cell-mediated immunity. It also increases levels of antibodies to fight off viruses, bacteria, and other foreign substances.
It plays a big role in dealing with stress and impacts our brain’s functions and increases activity in the prefrontal cortex, the right anterior insula, and right hippocampus—all the areas of the brain that act as our immune system’s command center. It also Increases the communication between our brain and immune system, making it function more effectively.
Why do you chant in Hebrew ?
Hebrew is a sacred language that communicates aspects of a spiritual or unitive reality. It is not meant to describe this higher reality, but rather to evoke this reality in ones consciousness.
Chanting is also highly vibrational and elevates the meditation experience.
Do we have to sit and meditate? Can’t we walk in nature to receive the same benefits ?
There are many forms of meditation. You can certainly meditate when walking in nature. This meditation practice is a focused practice to quiet the mind and witness your continuous thought patterns. In order to be aware of them, we have to be in a quiet place with few distractions.
Why do you want to see these thought patterns ?
Self-awareness is key to discovering ones’ True Self beyond the ego mind and personal identity. Our ego mind tends to separate, judge, complain, blame, distrust and act negatively.
When we see these patterns, we can choose to replace them with positive thoughts and beliefs. We can only grow when we are conscious of them. Some unconscious patterns remain in the shadows until we bring them into the light of day. By loving them all, we can begin to let them go.
What is Mindfulness ?
Mindfulness is being aware and living in the present moment. Living from the place of mindfulness, allows you to engage, align and be in sync with “what is.” 
How often have you rushed through a meal, not enjoying it and not even remembering what you had? 
One of our Master Classes focuses on Mindful Eating where you will slowly enjoy and celebrate every mouth watering bite. You will put down your fork after each bite and recognize when you are first feeling full so you can stop. The result is amazing. Discover self control the fun way.
Why does meditation benefit self-love ?

Loving yourself and becoming your greatest validator requires quieting your critical mind and listening to your authentic self that is always aligned to Source energy. When you meditate you access that still small voice within you that brings illumination, clarity, bliss and unconditional love.

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