Have You Ever Asked The Question “Who Am I? “

From a spiritual perspective, who you really are is, “ I AM.” When you simply say, “I AM,” and allow it to ring in your heart, you feel expansive and formless. You are just HERE without any past or future, without your stories, without your EGO mind, and without your memories, beliefs, definitions and concepts.

“I AM,” is also called True Self, Soul, Divine Consciousness, Witness, Light, Joy, Peace, Being, Awakened Presence, Timeless, Eternal, Godly, Synchronistic, Vibrational Energy, Creator, Enlightened, One, Whole, Expansive, Heart Centered, All That Is, True Nature, Love, Soul’s Home and Sacred Space and More.

Words really can’t define or describe your eternal NOW… but we still use words to communicate this place of NO-THING.

Do You Ever Find Yourself Engaging These Negative Emotions?

Gloom & Despair

Feeling low energy and lack a desire to enjoy life ?
Feeling helpless and depleted ?


Feeling anxious, shut-down, overwhelmed and stressed out ?
Do you feel alone ?


Feeling fearful, wanting to run away and hide from the world?

Are you quick to anger?

When we are the witness and can step back to observe our thoughts, emotions. critical mind and physicality, we can choose to allow our Soul to speak and guide our intentions and actions. We can choose to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. We can choose to speak kind and loving thoughts to ourselves and others. We can live in the flow and attract positive events and people into our lives. We co-create our own reality and therefore, “things are always working out for us.” (Esther Hicks).